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How to retrieve FI error codes

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This is one of the most elusive queries of life: " What the HELL are the colors of those damn wires to connect for Dealer Mode?" It seems that Suzuki has gone to very great lengths to prevent ANYONE from getting this information, thus guaranteeing lots of easy and expensive visits to the dealership. Even the mechanic's shop manual wiring diagram keeps these wires a secret: they are shown but not labeled as the dealer mode wires !!!

It is confirmed that, though I have shown pictures from the '02 gixxer, the wiring colors are exactly the same for the '03 and '04. Well, read on, and enter the mysterious world of DEALER MODE ... (insert loud clap of thunder and lightning bolt here).

What is a dealer mode switch? It is a simple radio shack switch that you can add to your bike. When you close the switch, you'll be able to retrieve the Fuel Injection system diagnostic error codes from your electronic control module (ECM). That means that when your bike has a problem, you can retrieve a NUMBER from the computer that will tell you "Hey - the problem is with your SET valve! - Look there first! " Or, it can tell you which other system component may be malfunctioning. That can save you LOTS of time when you're trying to fix a problem.

This is one of those very useful things that is ENTIRELY TOO simple. Honestly, it should have just been provided by Suzuki in the first place. I'm not a conspiracy theory nutbag, but purposely keeping this connection a secret from the owner's manual does seem like an obvious ploy so that your dealer can then charge you $60 to access it, and then write a bill for "diagnostics".

Please - read on, and put the $2 switch in place yourself. Then you can get your own error codes when they happen, and you'll be able to pinpoint and fix most common things that can go wrong with your bike.


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1. Radio Shack SPST switch.
Part #275-617
3amp at 125VAC
radio shack switch 215-617
2. Wire cutter
3. Soldering iron
4. Dremmel tool for drilling/cutting plastic
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location of dealer switch wires

Here's where you find the two wires you need.

Take off the rear plastics. Look at the left side of your bike. You'll see that silver "fin" thing, which is your rectifier. Look just behind that for a dangling white plastic connector. You'll see a white/red and a black/white wire that go into that connector and stop in a dead end there. These are the two wires you must connect to go into "dealer mode".

Note that on later years, the colors may change. In the '03 / '04 GSXR-1000, these colors are the same, but you'll see two additional wires - they are O/W and Green. Just ignore these extra wires, and put your swich on the same way as shown here, using the W/R and B/W wires.


Here's a closeup. Make sure you are not stripping and connecting the hot and ground wires to your electrical rectifier - that would be a bad thing...

The wires you want are white with red stripe and black/white stripe. They both come to a dead end in a white plastic connector which is a bit odd, because it has room for 4 wires, but the connector only has these two wires in it. On the '03 and '04 there are two other wires here: O/W and Green. You can ignore those. All you want to be able to do is connect the W/R and B/W and bingo-- you're in "dealer mode".

You could just take off your tail every time you want to do this - and then stick a paper clip in the holes to connect these two wires. But that's difficult because if you turn the bike off and take the key out of the ignition you'll lose the diagnosis code in the computer ! So installing a simple switch is just much easier. When you want the FI error code, just press the switch.

tap connections to the dealer mode wires

Just find these two wires, tap into the sides of them, and attach two wires:

  • I used a green one to "tap" the w/r wire.
  • A black one to "tap" the b/w wire.

I was too lazy to tape the connection, so I just insulated it with a few gobs of hot glue. That's sloppy and not recommended. Use "liquid tape", or real electrical tape, or best of all, some heat shrink tubing. And it doesn't matter if you cut the wires and throw away the plastic connector, or just strip and "tap" them as I did, because dealer mode is the only thing those two wires are used for!

I decided to just tap mine. You might choose to cut off the white connetor entirely -- it doesn't matter. You'll see what I mean when you expose the wires.

location of mounted switch Then my green and Black wires just lead over to a simple SPST switch. Here's where I put my switch. The rocker in front is for the TRE mod . The push-botton red switch is my dealer mode switch. Some guys put the switch in their trunk. This is good to protect it from dirt and water.
But the problem is that when you have a problem and want to see the error code, as soon as you take the key out of the ignition to pop open the trunk, the error code is wiped out of the ECM's memory.

So it's really better to put the switch in a location where you can reach it without needing the key. I like this spot.

For my switch I chose the Radioshack© part #275-617 Pushbutton red SPST switch, rated 3A at 125 VAC,1.5 A at 250VAC. Price ~$3.
wiring diagram By the way, these important wires are present in the wiring diagram - they are just left mysteriously unlabeled.

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2004-2005 GSXR Notes

You'll find that on the years 2004 - 2005, these dealer mode wires are still the same colors, although the appearance of the plastic connector at the tail may be slightly different from my pictures above.

I'm in debt to Devin (Phoenix, AZ) who researched the dealer mode on his K4 GSXR-1000. He also sent me this fantastic diagram and pictures, which I'll show below. Once again, the wire colors are unchanged - connect these to get into dealer mode:

At least on this K4, there are two other unkown wires that you'll find in that same black plastic connector at the left tail of the bike frame. The function of these other two wires is unknown. But I'd suggest that you leave them alone unless you want to risk frying your ECM, or blowing your nuts off !yikes.gif


There's the black plastic connector that you can slip off to see the contacts beneath


A closer view.


Wiring diagram with the dealer mode wires labelled.

Many thanks to Devin for sharing his information and photos with other Gix riders ! banana.gif

Hyperphil also confirmed that on the '07 Gixxer-1000, the wires are unchanged - still W/R and B/W, but they are located in a 6-wire connector at the tail of the bike. Look in the same location as shown above.

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2006 - 2007 notes

On the K6 / K7, the location of the dealer mode wires is a bit different, but the wire colors are the same as in other years.

Great thanks to my friend, Eugene in Omaha, NE, who sent in these pics and instructions, from his K7 600. As always, the wire colors are unchanged - connect these to get into dealer mode:


You'll have to go under the seat to access the dealer mode wires on this bike. Look for this metal cross brace just behind the battery. Remove these four bolts using a socket wrench to avoid rounding them off.


With the cross brace removed, find a white electrical plug, covered with a black rubber cap.


Here is the electrical plug uncovered. It is a 6-wire plug. Just look at the wires going into it from the back and you'll find the W/R and B/W wires that you're looking for. Connect them with a switch, and you can turn on dealer mode whenever you want, without having to remove the seat and cross brace again.

Thanks to Eugene for the great pics ! Hope this can help some other riders ! banana.gif

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Final Notes

The dealer mode is what you need when your "FI" light comes on on your instrument cluster. This is the same light that comes on if your oil pressure is low, so check your oil level first. If the oil is NOT empty, than you probably have an FI error.

An "FI error" means the ECM is trying to tell you that something is wrong. The computer can help you narrow down the problem by sending you an error code. To get the code, you need to press your "dealer mode switch" . Once you do this, you'll see the error code number on your instrument cluster.

If you ever see that FI warning light on, DO NOT TURN OFF THE BIKE or else the code will be lost from the ECM memory. Instead, just reach down, press your switch, get the number code (displayed on your instrument panel at the lower right). Then you can look at the FI error code table to narrow down where the problem is so you can fix it.

Having the dealer mode switch will also allow you to manually inspect and adjust your throttle position sensor.

Now you don't have to go to the dealer to have them stick a paper clip on the wires and charge you $60 for the same information. And you don't have to remove the seat and the rear cowling just to get access to the proper wires.

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